Professional Reviews

 The quality of this kit is apparent as soon as you open it up. Every piece is put together well and the rods are honestly a work of art, as cleaning rods go. 
May 24, 2012 Ryan Finn,
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 When it comes to cleaning at the range or on the go, the Dewey kit fits the bill, and does so while fitting in or on a range bag, as the kit comes in a belt pouch that can be strapped to a range bag with ease. 
December 20, 2011 Chance Ballew, Shooting Illustrated
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 Taken together, this is the most complete and highest quality set of rifle cleaning supplies I have ever owned. 
December 14, 2011 Chuck Hawks,
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 I think anyone looking for high-quality cleaning rods and accessories would do well to invest in Dewey products. These are fine tools, designed to last. I’m always in favor of anything that makes my hunting & shooting more enjoyable, and these do that, for sure. 
July 22nd, 2008 Russ Chastain,
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Here is some feedback from our Brownells’ customers:

 Absolutely the best. I’m very pleased with all 3 that I own. 

 The only cleaning rod I will use. Everything else is junk. 

 I have now replaced all my brand P cleaning rods with the Dewey coated rods. I clean 25- 40 weapons per month on average, and the Dewey rods offer long lasting durability and value for the price. I have no complaints with any Dewy products, as they have and will I’m sure continue to serve for decades of shop use. 

 Well, you can always walk into your average gunshop and ask for a “no brand” item. That’s what I did today, and that’s when I saw that the Dewey cleaning rod was no ordinary item. Dewey just brought gun cleaning products to a new quality level, and you just don’t know it until it’s side by side with “another cleaning rod”. In short, it’s a great product, well thought and well executed. 

Our satisfied Cabela’s customers say:

 I highly recommend Dewey cleaning rods. I have 3 of them and they are top quality. I would recommend them for any rifle and or hand gun. 

 Super smooth ball bearing handle. Strong, thick coating. One piece construction. A precision rod for your precision firearm. Yes, there are less expensive cleaning rods but none better! 

 I’ve used Dewey rods for a few years now. They work very well and worth the extra money over the standard “cleaning kit”. Recently bought a .17 cal., thus I needed a new cleaning rod for this caliber. Recommend these to others. 

 After frustration with cleaning kit rods that wear quickly at the joints I decided to go a different route and purchased a Dewey model 30-C from the local Cabela’s along with just those components I needed for cleaning my 30 cal. rifles. At first I thought the price was high considering it is more than some entire cleaning kits. I’ve changed my mind. I won’t go back to the kits after over 50 years of cleaning firearms. The rod is sturdy, has a nice jag and adapter that handles other accessories like wire brushes and is nicer to use than expected. I suspect that because the rod is sturdy and the jag fits the bore well that it does and seems to do a better job of cleaning than the flimsy kits. Keep your kit for emergency field cleaning but do your serious cleaning at home with one of these highly recommendable rods. 

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