Dewey Field Kit – .30 caliber Rifle. Model# DFK-30


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Our new Dewey Field Kit has been redesigned with the idea of customization in mind for the end user. We wanted to give you the freedom to add extra calibers and tools as you see fit. The Dewey Field Kit has been field tested and approved by Kyle Lamb of Viking Tactics. The same no-harm nylon coating used on our gun cleaning rods is now available on our 750lb test wire cable cleaning system. You will never have to worry about losing the ability to use the nylon coated cable with our patented sliding pull bead as the handle. The bead, patch loop and brush connector are permanently affixed to the nylon cable. This design reduces weight and the number of parts needed to clean.

  • Nylon Coated 750lb Test Wire Cable – 36 Inch Length with Patented Sliding Pull Bead (Longer Cable Can Be Ordered)
  • .30 cal Fixed Patch Loop
  • 8/32 Female Thread Fixed Brush Adapter
  • B-30N Nylon Bore Bore Brush
  • Bronze Chamber Brush
  • 3 Piece Chamber Rod
  • RAND CLP .6 oz.
  • 2″ Round Cotton Patches
  • NEW Vertx Built Customizable Pouch
  • Other Calibers Can Be Added

Additional information

Weight .8 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in

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