Dewey Bore Cord – 15″ Nylon Pull Thru Cable .22LR – .45 pistols


DBC-15 – 15″ Nylon Pull Thru Cable .22LR – .45 pistols

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The Dewey Bore Cord uses the same no-harm nylon coating on this pull thru cable that is used on our gun cleaning rods.  The Dewey Bore Cord’s design incorporates the patch loop, brush connector and sliding bead into one permanent assembly.  The sliding bead is used to replace the need for a T handle which means one less attachment to worry about.

  • Nylon Coated 750 lb. Test Wire Cable
  • 15 Inch Length
  • .22 cal Fixed Patch Loop
  • Sliding Pull Bead
  • 8/32 Female Thread Fixed Brush Adapter
  • Can be used for .22LR up to .45 pistols


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Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in