Complete Bolt Action Rifle Cleaning Kit – .22 Rimfire Model# BRCCK-22LR


Rod Size & Caliber *


Product Description

This is a complete cleaning kit for a .22 Rimfire bolt action rifle 

  • Rod is either a .17 caliber or .20 caliber nylon coated rod and comes standard with either a .17 cal or .20 cal brass jag.  These Rods are female ended with 5/40 threads.
  • The 36-HB brass rod is 8/32 female so no adapter is necessary with that option.
  • Kit is supplied with cleaning rod and products listed below.   You select the caliber and length of the rod.
  • Rod comes packaged in clear plastic rod tube with hanger cap
  • NOTE:  Some rod guides are available for certain weapon platforms.  Please see below for those weapons.  


The complete kit also includes:

  • B-22P Bore brush (pistol length)
  • M-22 Bore mop
  • 17A adapter to use standard 8/32 male ended attachments.
  • P-171 Round Patches(100 count)


Rule of thumb for picking rod length = Barrel Length plus 10 inches (add another 3-4 inches for receiver mounted scopes) plus 1-2 inches for general clearance.  Pick the closest size above.


Please note: This kit is for rimfire and we only have rod guides for the following weapon systems: Anshutz 54, Anshutz 64, Remington 541/541T, Kimber 82, Winchester 52, Ruger 77/22, Remington 40X / 37.  If you do not see your rifle listed here then please contact Eric Sinclair at and he should be able to help with a weapon specific rod guide.

Additional information

Weight 3.1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in