Customizable Bolt Action Rifle Cleaning Kit – .22 through .26/6.5mm Calibers


Bolt Action Rifle Cleaning Kit

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This is a Cleaning Kit for a .22 Centerfire Cartridges through .26/6.5mm Calibers. (Not compatible with .22LR or other rimfire firearms)

  • Rod is a .22 caliber nylon coated rod and comes standard with 22J brass jag and SMBA adapter.
  • Basic kit is supplied with cleaning rod and rod guide of your choice.
  • Additional accessories can be selected based on your specifications.
  • Please pick the rod length, bore guide and accessories desired above.
  • More information regarding accessories can be found on their respective pages in the store. Rule of thumb for picking rod length = Barrel Length plus 10 inches (add another 3-4 inches for receiver mounted scopes) plus 1-2 inches for general clearance. Pick the closest size above.
  • Rod comes packaged in clear plastic rod tube with hanger caps.

This kit is for bolt action rifles with a bolt body diameter of .695-.700, which encompass the following actions: Remington 700, 721, 722, 788, 40 x x7, 600 and XP-100; Ruger 77; Winchester 54, 56 and 70; Savage 110 and 112 V; Mauser 98; Springfield, Browning A-Bolt, CPS and Dakota; M1917 Enfield; Kimber 89 and any clones and rifles based on the aforementioned rifles.

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