Muzzle Guides

As the muzzle end of the barrel is the last place to see the exit of the bullet, it is important to keep this area free from harm. When placed over the muzzle, these guides allow cleaning rods to go straight into the barrel while protecting the muzzle area. They can be used with all types of cleaning rods.

Our “C” Series Brass and Delrin Muzzle Guides are designed for rifles that cannot be cleaned from the breech – such as M1 Garands, Lever Action Rifles and Revolvers. All guides must be placed on rod before starting the patch or brush down the bore and then seated over or into the barrel to guide the rod through the center of the bore. Note: Our cone shaped guides will shave off the coating on our nylon coated rods. Please only use them with stainless or brass rods.

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