.22 - 6.8mm Caliber Nylon Coated Rods

All .22 Caliber Nylon Coated Rods have 8/36 Male Threads, an outside diameter of approximately .210 inches, and a dual track ball bearing handle. The Nylon will not peel or pick up abrasives of any kind. All rods are single piece unless otherwise stated and all listed rod lengths do not include the handle assembly. We use male threads because they allow for a coating 7-9 times thicker than female threaded rods. The connection between the male thread and rod attachment is much stronger, as well. The .22 caliber coated rods are the correct diameter for use in the very popular 6.5mm precision rifles on the market.

Please note: .22 Rimfire and CZ Shooters – We recommend using .20 caliber cleaning rods, as the .22 caliber rods have been found to be at times too large to fit through those tight barrels. When ordering a .20 caliber rod for use with .22 caliber jags, mops, brushes, etc, you will need to order the 17A adapter. For .22 pistol cleaning we recommend the .22 caliber brass rods. They protect the bore the same way the nylon coated rods do and will provide the necessary clearance in those tight bores.

Also note: Please use pistol length brushes with small diameter rods – it puts less stress on the cleaning rod.

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