Brass Rods

We offer Brass Rods in a few different variations but all of them use the same 360 Brass. We have our standard Brass Loop Rods from pistol lengths up to rifle lengths. We also offer the Brass Rods with our Ball Bearing Handle in pistol lengths as well as rifle lengths in both .22 caliber and .30 caliber. Our Brass Shotgun Rods have a fixed handle and male 12/28 threads and come with our SBA adapter and SPL Patch Loop. All of our female ended Brass Rods are standard 8/32 and all of the rods come with a patch loop.

All rods are of one-piece construction unless otherwise stated and all listed rod lengths do not include the handle assembly. They are the working length of the rods, add an additional 3″ for the overall length.

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