Keeping your gun clean is an integral part of being a responsible gun owner. If your weapon is caked up with unspent primer and other deposits, you run the risk of it jamming or misfiring. Not only can this damage your weapon, it can also be potentially dangerous.

How often you need to clean your weapon is always a subject of debate among gun owners. What a lot of people forget about, however, is that how often you clean will depend on what kind of ammunition you are firing.

If you always buy premium ammunition that burns cleanly and leaves hardly any deposits in your weapon, good for you: you can probably put a few hundred rounds through without needing to clean. If you’re like me, though, and find yourself firing cheap, junk ammunition that you pick up at some yard sale, you will essentially need to clean your weapon after every trip to the range.

Cleaning your weapon is more of an art than a science, and most serious gun owners quickly find a routine and technique that suits them. However, one thing that is common to everyone is that if you are going to clean properly, you need the proper kit.

Dewey Rods are an important part of this. For those new to gun ownership and cleaning, these are flexible tubes that you insert down the barrel of your weapon in order to clean any caked-on deposits from the barrel and breach. There are many brands available, of course, but Dewey have been producing these rods for so long, and they are so commonly used, that for most people the brand name has become synonymous with the item itself.

Today, I’ll explain how to use these rods by taking you through three of the products made by Dewey, and exploring how each makes your life easier when it comes to cleaning your weapon.

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